Feeling worse?

Tuesday and Wednesday were no better.  I felt dreadful,  worse than I’d ever felt in my life.  I felt as though I was choking and they kept aspirating the bile but it kept on coming.  Some of the staff seem to take great pleasure in seeing all this green liquid spew out of me forgetting there was actually a person attached to this tube.  My gut was on stop.  I slept the days away,  they carried out their obs which were Ok.  I seem to recall on the Wednesday they insisted on me sitting in the chair – my blood pressure plummeted to 70/50.   Doctors were called,  checks made but they weren’t concerned.  Seems the days of actually listening to the patient are gone – I KNEW there was something wrong.   I had already been branded an ‘anxious patient’ and I do feel they felt it was a case of ‘cry wolf’.  In their defense I had had two major ops in two days and my observations obviously didn’t indicate anything seriously untoward.   Even my bloods had been OK albeit a little anaemic so a blood transfusion was arranged.  I prayed this would make me feel better.   I remember saying to my Consultant how I wish he could just sedate me and wake me up in a week as I felt absolutely ghastly.

Be careful what you wish for………..

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