Operation Date Confirmed 

The operating date is confirmed as the 4/3/17. We spend the weeks leading up to this date sorting the house and garden. We had the front room decorated, and tidied the garden and pond area. I love my home and am a bit of a neat freak – I was expected to be in hospital for about 9 days but know from past experience how long it can take to be returned to full health. I tidied cupboards, and decluttered drawers thinking all the while am I doing the right thing………
We spent time with our granddaughter and the boys and everyone was in a way looking forward to having me ‘back’.   I spoke privately on line to friends about my fears and everyone was encouraging and kind.  My surgeon is top of his tree, a Professor none the less, and a truly lovely guy; I know he wouldn’t take risks and would be uber cautious.
The week before the surgery date I had an infection in the fistula again and so I was put on antibiotics. This meant that on admission day I was actually quite well. There was very little coming out of the holes and the desire to cancel it all was very strong.  We waited anxiously until 3pm to find out if there was a bed and finally the phone call came.  As we made the 80 mile journey to Cardiff I knew there was no turning back,  although we did joke about going to the airport instead and getting on a plane,  any plane, destination unknown.  Life had become rather mundane of late and we both needed a massive boost,  or so we thought.   I arrived on the ward and was allocated a side room which was nice.  I was given 4 Preoperative special drinks containing loads of calories and carbs to help facilitate good healing.  Stephen left to check into his travellodge which was to be home for the next week.  So it was all systems go.   Goodbye Fistula you won’t be missed.

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