Operation day arrives 

I awoke on the 4/3/17 feeling quite calm and resigned to the fact this operation was going to happen today. My surgeon came to see me as did the Anaesthetist whilst all the documents prepared and boxes ticked. Stephen was by my side as always as we waited for the porter to arrive to whisk me off. He’d been told it would be at least a few hours so he planned on spending the time in my room watching TV or on his beloved kindle. I kissed him goodbye and didn’t feel nervous. I had done this many times before and was looking forward to being fistula free. The usual banter ensued in the anaesthetic room with the welcome shot of G&T duly administered ( this is like a relaxing drug that makes you feel slightly drunk). It’s usually at this point the staff get involved in some conversation with you and you say embarrassing things as your brain loses any filter and you say it as it is.
5 hours later I arrived back on the ward. The operation had taken longer than expected but had gone well. To repair the bowel required 3 joins which sounded very risky to me but the consultant said my bowel was healthy and it would be fine. Stephen stayed a while and we sat in silence with him holding my hand and me dozing. I had a morphine pump for pain which I could press without fear of overdose and I drifted in an out of a sleepy haze. Stephen went back to the hotel and we all had a little chat online – we being me, Stephen, daughter Lyndsey and sister Sam. I felt relief wash over me and had a reasonable nights sleep despite the 2 hourly observations.

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