Setback Sunday 

I awoke on Sunday 5/3 feeling OK,  nothing great but how I expected to feel having had a 5 hour op the day before.   Stephen came to visit closely followed by Lyns and Chris.  We had already decided that a hospital ward was no place for a baby and so Cerys  was with her other grandparents.

We chatted and I shuffled in the bed feeling quite uncomfortable.  Then I spotted it.  The drain on the left side where the repair had been should contain blood and / or serous fluid.  It was full of bile.  My heart sank as I realised something was leaking and we called the senior staff nurse who shared our fears.  My consultant was contacted at home and when he saw it he said I needed to go back to theatre.  Devastation isn’t the word and my heart broke for my poor loved ones.  I went back to theatre about 5. I met a far too cheerful Anaesthetist who was from Aberystwyth and I was soon under the knife again.  I came back to the ward about 10 and Stephen said I looked awful.  He was distressed – I dont remember much else other than feeling very very thirsty.

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