A name changer…..

My name is Deborah Lauraine Clarke – I’m known as Lauraine.  No big deal.  Until you go into hospital that is – all the stickers referred to me as Debra.  My consultant knows me as Lauraine.  Some nurses remember I’m known as Lauraine,  most don’t.  So super efficient nurse with clip board decided to change the labels to Lauraine Clarke.

Bedlam.  The Pontipines ( the little gangs of junior doctors that visited me daily ) were stressed,  was this Debra, who was Lauraine? They say confirm your DOB and your address ( groan).  Had I been given the wrong drugs,  was I the right person?   The Lauraine stickers were scrapped – the Pontipines were happy, peace reigned.

I have decided if and when I get out of here,  to change my name to Delilah.   Delilah Clarke,  yes I like that.


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