Scared to say………progress?

I think I am making some progress – 

  • Stoma is working well
  • Drain is reducing
  • Scar is closing
  • Haemoglobin is slowly rising
  • Drinking fortisips ( nutritional drinks) 
  • Feeling stronger ( but still sleep a lot)

But of course I’ve been here before and so I’m not going to get excited.   30% of this type of bowel injury do heal themselves so maybe il be lucky. But two years ago I left hospital euphoric thinking I had healed when I hadn’t and had to go through the crushing disappointment when things started happening that indicated it hadn’t healed at all. But two years ago I had also had a very difficult hysterectomy so my body had that to deal with too, whereas now it’s ‘just’ the leak. The lungs seems to be OK although I am getting breathless on exertion but I think I am just generally unfit after this latest bashing.    I can’t come home of course until I can eat enough calories to sustain me or I come home on TPN for a few months until I am fully recovered. I will have to just see how it goes, I don’t want to come home on TPN.  

So life on the ward continues and the long Easter weekend looms, which I’m dreading. I love Easter and usually do a tea for everyone or we go out somewhere. My sister, being in retail, usually has to work so in past years I’ve had the boys and we used to do the usual Easter egg hunt etc. It makes me sad I won’t be home with everyone and I just know this weekend is going to drag. I’ve been moved now into a 4 bedder so I have company but two of the ladies are ladies are being discharged, the other one has learning difficulties and doesn’t say much, so I’ll be Billy No Mates yet again. Stephen will come up of course but I just want to be home and well 😪 I also don’t want to spoil everyone else’s Eastsr by them having to come here, there’s a few things on back home including a Easter Egg hunt in the castle. We have a Norman Castle smack in the middle of town, it’s an amazing sight!

One thought on “Scared to say………progress?

  1. So positive to read about the progress, though I understand your hesitation in case things don’t go so well tomorrow, but here’s to positive thinking – I really do hope things continue to go in the right direction! As for ruining people’s Easter with them having to come to hospital to see you, that’s a load of conkers! Your visitors want to see you, they love you, and they’d probably hate to think that you feel like that. Sending a big hug your way!

    By the way, I nominated you for a Friends For Days tag (no pressure to participate but I was nominated and really wanted to link to your blog as I enjoy reading how you’re doing!)

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