So I’ve now been home almost three weeks.   I plodded through week one.  Week two I felt worse,  an exhaustion so bad I barely left my bed, no appetite, crippling indigestion – what now!  I ended up with the out of hours doctor who picked up a urine infection and handed out antibiotics which I was glad of as I felt rubbish.  The next day I turned a pale yellow and so another visit to the doctor confirmed a possible gallbladder attack,  as I was already on antibiotics, I was told to rest and an urgent referral to gall bladder doctor was made.  Gallstones are a consequence of the vein feed I had,  yet another consequence of this damned fistula.  The jaundice faded and I began to feel better,  the gnawing pain in my gullet had gone and I felt hungry again.  Week three has been a good week.  The fistula has been quiet – I’m not thinking for one minute it’s healing as I’ve been here so many times before but it was definitely better.  My energy levels continue to depress me and whereas before I could clean the house with no issues,  I now struggle.  I get the hoover out and have to sit down,  I start cleaning the kitchen but have to stop,  I feel so wiped out.  I went to town yesterday and it was a very hot day,  again I struggled.  Pain is still a factor and I’m popping pain killers far too regularly.

On the plus side,  I’m home and spending precious time with my family, even had my baby granddaughter today for a few hours. She had to have nap so we went to lay on the bed.  I snuggled her in and she held my hand and fell fast asleep,  so beautiful.  

I’m still trying to take it day by day.  The problem is with this type of thing,  no one knows how it will pan out – that’s hard to deal with as it changes day by day,  hour by hour sometimes.   It’s hard for my family who think if I’m good today,  il be better next week but it doesn’t work like that as anyone who has had a fistula will know.   I just want to be OK to do the things I enjoy and be here for the special people in my life ❤️

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  1. I have just found your site via success-stories-my-fistula-has-gone blog.

    Reading your latest post brings it all back….this really must be one of the worst conditions to have.

    Please feel free to say hello anytime. I will try to read more of your posts this week. Kr The PAO


  2. mary robson

    Groundhog I have left the forum but so glad I can keep up with you here
    You have been a huge inspiration to me
    Love wt dog xc


    1. Topsy

      Oh I’ve just seen, I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m not sure if my email address is on here, if so please email me anytime. It is showing for me in my profile so hopefully you can see it x


    1. Topsy

      Belinda – did you send me a Facebook friend request? I didn’t recognise the name and deleted it – so sorry! If it was you please send again x


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