A Good Week 🌞❤️🌞

Not sure I have said that for quite a while.  So to remind myself I do have good weeks, I thought it important I write it down.

The fistula haven’t miraculously disappeared but I have felt better.  The pain hasn’t been as bad and I haven’t been clock watching anxiously waiting for the time I could take my painkillers.  The output from the fistula is less which means the inflammation is better.  This week I have had moments when I felt almost normal, like I used to feel with an interest in life again.  I have been for a walk on the beach,  cleaned the windows and been shopping twice.  Doesn’t sound too impressive I agree but for me that’s progress.  Last night I was very brave and even ventured down my sisters to give her a hand which is something I used to do all the time.  I didn’t bank on helping with the 14 loads of watching she’d  amassed but hey ho, I had offered to help and should know by now domestic chores are not top of her to do list 😄 The thing is, as anyone with chronic illness can relate to, is feeling well is a true gift and your health really is your wealth.  I’ve felt unwell for so long to just wake up and feel enthusiastic about life again is a lovely feeling.  At the back of my mind I remind myself this probably won’t last as I need to try and limit the crushing disappointment I will feel if I wake up tomorrow with that familiar pain again that tells me things are about to get bad again.  

So yes this week has been a good week.  I’ve been here before,  this is the frustrating thing, I have no idea if I am finally healing or if it will all start up again tomorrow, I just don’t know.  So I’m learning to make the most of every day .  Off to have a glass of Prosecco 🥂  have a nice weekend everyone xx

One thought on “A Good Week 🌞❤️🌞

  1. Enjoy your prosecco! It’s wonderful to hear you’ve felt a little better, and you’re spot on with how to just “wake up and feel enthusiastic about life again is a lovely feeling. ” I really hope it’s not short-lived, that you continue to feel better than you have – you can and will have more good days in future! ♥
    Caz x


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